About Us

Universinj LTD was founded in 1992, based on the former State Road Design Institute MOLDGIPROAVTODOR, being one of the first private companies in this industry.

Universinj is a full service consulting, design and engineering company.  The team has 80 permanent employees and 45 freelancers. From the very beginning, the company formed a team of professional engineers, specialized in highways, bridges, structural and civil constructions, experts in geology, hydrology and land survey, architects, construction inspectors and administrative support, having the necessary experience to provide a large variety of professional services.

We successfully completed many projects in Republic of Moldova, Romania and Russian Federation, and we enjoy the challenge of new and difficult engineering issues, which require innovative, yet practical, technical and cost-effective solutions.

Our goal is to meet the needs of our clients, whether a Governmental Agency, Municipality, or a private individual, we have the necessary staff, experience and knowledge to complete in time and in an efficient way any engineering project.
Our values of teamwork, quality and perseverance are the key elements of our growth and continuous success.


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12A Bucuriei street, Chisinau MD2004, Republic of Moldova
Phone: +37322 358600,358301, fax: +37322 748850
e-mail: office@universinj.md, mail@universinj.md


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