Certificates, Licenses

The Company holds licenses for different types of works:

  • Designing

      Take-off and landing tracks
      Civil and industrial engineering works
  • Complex technical surveys
  • Cadastral surveying and planning works
  • Regional planning
  • Technical supervision during construction of the projects


Quality Policy is aimed to achieve the following objectives:
•    to satisfy the needs of the clients at the highest quality level;
•    to achieve international recognition, following the highest quality requirements for the performed works;   
•    to maintain and  continuously improve the Quality Management System  in compliance with the International Standard ISO 9001:2015 (adopted as the national standard SM EN ISO 9001:2015);
•    to keep on developing the staff competence through training courses;
•    to constantly use upgraded software in its activity;
•    to raise the staff awareness and motivation as regards to the quality;
•    to improve the Company effectiveness by regular performance analysis with tendency to multiply them.

“UNIVERSINJ” S.R.L. declares, to its own responsibility, that all the studies, design work and services are provided in compliance with national and international standards and applicable laws, relevant to the Company’s activities.
“UNIVERSINJ” S.R.L. has a responsible attitude to the commitments assigned, performing its activities in a professional way, with honesty, trust and respect for its Clients, suppliers, subcontractors and other stakeholders.


Quick Contacts

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e-mail: office@universinj.md, mail@universinj.md


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